Unique design

Due to the exclusive use of our hands through printing techniques such as #blockprinting #shibori #tiedye #dabu and #screenprint. This means that no two garments are the same! If you buy a CLARABACONCE you are getting a UNIQUE and EXCLUSIVE garment.

Certified organic fabrics

Our already well-known organic cotton mixed with silk #happysilk brought from India, the Modal made of cellulose from recycled trees, the Vegan Silk, the organic Bambula and the Voile #madeinspain all with GOTS or OEKO-TEX certification conclude our fabrics up to the moment. Well, CLARABACONCE does not stop researching new, more sustainable fibers.

Organic dyeing

We only use vegetable dyes such as Indigo, turmeric, avocado, logwood, nettle, and all kinds of organic waste and AZO-FREE. In this way we support #zerowaste.


From using rainwater for our production processes, to using organic waste as a base for our dyes, are some of the commitments to the environment that we carry out. In addition to our fabric packaging, thus avoiding the use of plastics.

Slow Fashion

We consider ourselves "slow" because our production chain follows the pace that well-made things do, slowly and on low heat, as well as our reduced stock, not exceeding 100 units per collection, and some on request, thus reducing unnecessary waste. .

Local Production

We support our businesses and neighbors by making a more circular economy possible, printing from our small workshop in Cádiz, southern Andalusia, and sewing in workshops in the area.

Slow Living

In a society where everything is fast, CLARABACONCE invites you to stop, observe and enjoy the true rhythm of things. Because it is useless to preach only with the word, we must also make changes in our way of life.